The Sole purpose, heartbeat and vision of The Hymns Project is the preservation of biblical truth, which inspired the hymn writers of old. They gave to our nation and the world a rich heritage and foundation upon which strong families, churches, communities and cultures could be built.

Hence, the hymns project music group is not exalting a person, a specific image, or a brand that would bring attention to self. We are a music group promoting God’s purpose, attempting to change a culture of youth back into thinking more about God and His truth than worldly desires.

Upcoming Events

Big Ticket Festival, Gaylord MI

Friday and Saturday Perfomances With STAND

June. 23rd-24th

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Cornerstone Community Bible Church

Super Sunday Afternoon 3:00p.m.

June. 25th

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Grand Traverse Industries



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Swanton Alliance Church

Super Sunday, Swanton Ohio 10:45a.m.

July. 2nd

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Why We Do This

Our music is about: God’s truth, His message, purpose, and redefining a culture from ungodliness to Godliness. We are promoting a philosophy and ideology of truth.

Please help us deliver these old hymns wrapped up in new music and melodies to the world. Together we can combat evil and reshape our nation’s youth.

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“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
- John 8:32

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